Saturday, January 14, 2012

Drew Update

I had the opportunity to spend time today with Drew and Michayla this afternoon. Andrea and I were spending time trying to put the final plans for the Spa opening. Needless to say spending time with the grandchildren took precedent. What actually prompted this post was a conversation one of our front desk staff had with one of our loyal guests of the Inn "Karen really needs to update her Blog with pictures of Drew". So here you are Denise:
Michayla just loves her cousin, Drew!

Here is Drew in action-his arms and legs are always moving!!! Sam thinks he is going to be a Boxer.
Andrea and Lance sent this shot to me on Christmas Afternoon.
The Teddy Bear is reading the Night Before Christmas to Drew during Girls Weekend.

Michayla was one of the first to hold Drew once he got home (he was 3 days old in this shot).
Andrew Jacob Bushweiler was born November 16, 2011
He weighed 6# 12 oz and 21" long
For initial pictures of Drew, check out our Facebook page


  1. Thanks Karen!
    What a handsome young guy you've got there! I can't wait to see him in person!


    1. As you can tell Denise, we are thrilled to death with him-we especially enjoy how well Michayla does with him. Before you know it he will be following her around the Lakehouse.