Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thunder on the Strip Returns for the 5th Year

I would say this was the reoccurring theme as we strolled down the main street of Geneva-on-the-Lake at dusk last evening. People really love to ride their motorcycles.
 Thank goodness Mother Nature finally gave Dwayne and Jake (the organizers of Thunder on the Strip) some drier and sunny weather Saturday. The bikes and people came out to enjoy the festivities for sure.
 Unfortunately, this was the theme of the previous days-raingear was the attire for sure.
There were all types of bikes lined along the curbs, parking lots and of course driving down the road. The roar was constant. It sure did beat the sound of natural thunder we have experienced much too often this summer.
All the businesses were delighted the rain went away. Eddie's Grill was one of the hot spots.
We will see what Mother Nature has in store for Sunday.