Saturday, June 25, 2011

Midge Season along the Ashtabula County Lake Erie Shoreline, 2011

Well the Midges showed up the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.

Andrea was freaking out because she had at least one event each weekend day planned the beginning of June. The cool, damp, windy weather must have contributed to keeping the annual migrants at bay, because they have not been much of a nuisance as yet. Yes they have been prevalent in the bushes and flowers, however not enough to have more than a day or two of sunrise/sunset swarming. Let me tell you this has been the ONLY benefit to the less than optimal weather in May and June! The use of fans during tented events and on the Crosswinds Grille patio have been very effective. We have put off having the buildings power-washed until next week-lets see what happens!  It will be awful if the Midges come full force for the Fourth of July holiday.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunrise from the Beach at The Lakehouse Inn

This is a shot of the sunrise this morning at 5:52am from our beach.

We should be able to see the sun rising from our beach until at least mid-July. Our guests in the Beach House can just look out their window or step out on their deck to get this wonderful view.