Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nate Enrolls in ICASI

Nate has decided to expand his culinary skills and enrolled in the ICASI. (The International Culinary Arts and Sciences Institute). Of course this family never does anything slow, and Nate is no exception-he started in the program right after the first of the year, in the accelerated program, so he can complete the first phase by the end of March. He is in class two full days and half day Saturday, along with a number of internship hours.
He has learned SO much and is REALLY enjoying the classes and practical experience. I just love watching him do his "homework" on Sundays. He spends most of the day here in the kitchen. The picture I took one evening when I got home from work and he was working on a project her learned in class earlier in the day-he did not take time to go home and change out of his uniform from class.
Crosswinds Grille will start seeing modifications to the menu according to the new skills he has acquired. We hope you enjoy the changes as much as we have so far. We just all need to walk more to burn off the calories we are consuming.