Sunday, April 17, 2011

Then the Next Weekend on Lake Erie is Ugly!

Well yesterday started less than optimally and as the day progressed the weather just would not improve.  We started with the loss of electricity around 6:45am. Luckily I had a few pots of coffee already brewed. We scrambled to get the battery operated portable lights out in the Great Room and Sam fired up the portable generator so we could have light in the kitchen along with the exhaust fan, toaster and power to the coolers. Luckily the power came back just after 8:30am.
The day tried very hard to turn around, however Mother Nature was and still is in a foul mood.
Here is a shot Alex took in the mid afternoon from the Tasting Room.
The lake appeared calm, however the sky was far from it. Shortly after this shot was taken, we got soaked!!!

Today the wind is from the northwest and just brutal.  The flowers we planted last Sunday are taking a beating.
We all know that the April Showers bring May Flowers, but enough is enough already. I do have to say, everyday there is more evidence of beauty to come. The daffodils and tulips are doing very well and the Iris' are growing inches each day.  On a positive note, the trees are starting to bud, which is a wonderful sign of better days to come.

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