Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Beautiful Sunday at the Lake

Well yesterday I just needed a flower fix and headed in the direction of  Sabos Garden Center to see if by chance they were open. I got so psyched when I saw their open flag from the stop light on the corner of Route 20 and County Line Road. The weather was SO gloomy and fairly windy. The staff were in their winter coats as they were working around the center. I got a wagon and filled up on pansies to put in containers around the Lakehouse Inn property. A blooming perennial (Helleborus) caught my eye. They do best in shade so what better palce than the  Beach House garden. So of course I had to get four of them. what really sold me on them is the fact that the ivory buds that are flushed with pink appear in mid-winter and open and last ALL Spring.  

When I finally got to the register I realized I was the first customer of their 2011 season. I got home and was so bummed, the weather deteriorated and I just couldn't get the energy to go out in the ugly weather to plant.
Today was a much different story. Michayla and I went outside after breakfast to start our planting.

Once we ran out of flowers, the weather started to warm up VERY nicely. So we decided to get the property ready for outside seating.

We took the cushions for the font porch chairs out of storage and Michayla did a great job of transporting and arranging them on the chairs.
Here is a shot her taking a break. We really started the day in heavy coats that were put aside very quickly.

Next we cleaned all the tables an chairs-I did the chairs and she did the tables. The second layer of clothing was also gone by then.

 By the time we were ready to open the Winery, the temps were close to 80 degrees. What a great day for our guests.

Of course there were motorcycles out.

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