Sunday, March 13, 2011

Will the Groundhog Really Be Correct?

Okay, so Tuesday will be six weeks since The groundhog did NOT see his shadow, which means Spring should be well on its way, Right?
Looking at the present landscape surely does not lend itself to "Spring being right around the corner".
Granted the days are getting longer and the Sun (when we do see it) is setting closer to the water's edge. Well I was just starting to get used to the fact that it was actually light in the early morning and it was time to change to Daylight Savings Time. Losing an hour sleep last night was not my idea of fun, especially when it is SO dreary out.

So with all this said, let's look at what we have to look forward to in the not too distant future.

First and foremost on our minds is the sound of the lapping shore-That will be a sure sign of Spring. It has been months since we have heard or seen liquid on the shore. Yes we do get an occasional day where we see some open water which is the promise of better weather ahead.
Next in line is the ability to have our guests enjoy being outdoors again, feeling the breeze (warm, we hope) and enjoying the beautiful sunsets Lake Erie brings our way.

Of course the next best thing is guests snapping pics of the sun setting -without winter coats-can you imagine!!!
I REALLY miss the color of The Lakehouse Inn grounds.
Our 2011 brides are all hoping for a breathtaking wedding day.
Well enough pondering on what the near future will hold, I better get back to reality and assist Andrea with today's activities.

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