Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tomorrow is the First Day of Spring, We'll See..

Well I have to say there was great progress in the weather this past week. Can you believe it was just last Friday when we were dumped on with tons of snow and all our schools were closed again. It took me double the time to get to my day job. Today there is little evidence of that storm. The lake clearly warmed up this week, Thursday was clearly a wonderful day.

 Our shoreline looks a little like Glacier Bay. I am thinking the sun should be setting on the water, I just have not had the opportunity this past week to be home at sunset; hopefully I will get a shot this evening. The forecast is for vivid sun today-haven't seen any evidence yet.

The guys are working on bottling oaked Chardonnay today. In order to do so, they must first pump the wine from the barrels in the cellar and move the wine to the bottling line in the production area which is located closer to the road.  I am sure they are looking forward to some sunshine.

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