Sunday, October 24, 2010

October is Saga Time at The Lakehouse Inn

When we purchased The Lakehouse Inn in 2000, there were several things that came with the property, The Spencerian Saga was one of them. Each year Michael Sull, a Master Penman, engrosser and lettering artist holds Traditional and Advanced Spencerian Handwriting workshops. Each program is 7 days of intense study. We have had the pleasure of hosting these events each year. You can say Mike and Andrea have grown up together over the past 11 years. They have learned so much from each other.

This year was a very significant year for Michael and Platt Rodgers Spencer. The city of Geneva built several new schools over the past few years and the Geneva Platt R. Spencer School was one of them. The school opened its doors to students last month and while Michael was in town, he was able to see the fruits of his labor.

Michael designed the signage for the building.


If you ever wondered why we have so many prints in the Great Room related to Platt Spencer and Spencerian Handwriting, now you know.

The veterans of the Spencerian Saga started a blog last year, which I had linked.

Saga time is the one time of year that my Mom and Dad dedicate time to stay with us to coordinate, prepare and serve the meals for the Saga participants. Mom gets up every morning by 6am to start breakfast and is in the kitchen all day preparing the meals. Dad has been the official coffee/beverage maker and dishwasher. Unfortunately, this time around, Dad stayed home.

2011 will be the 25th anniversary of the Spencian Saga. Michael will hold three workshops in celebration of this  milestone. The additional week will encompass the Engrossing Workshop. We are hoping Dad will be back to at least hang out with the group.