Monday, August 30, 2010

Ashtabula Wine and Walleye Festival

Tom and I spent the weekend representing The Lakehouse Inn Winery at the Wine and Walleye Festival. The weather was picture-perfect.
Here is our booth-the wineries were located parallel to the the river, south of the liftbridge.

Here is the Liftbridge. The landscaping is very picturesque.
The liftbridge raising to allow the boats to come into the Ashtabula River from Lake Erie.
Here are the boats traveling down the Ashtabula River, approaching the liftbridge.
The Coast Guard and the neighborhood Canadian Geese.

The Coal Dock conveyor can be seen along with the old Coast Guard Station.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Celebrations are Becoming Very Common at The Lakehouse Inn

Earlier in the evening I heard a few guests talking about the fact that they see more and more birthday cakes being served at The Lakehouse Inn & Winery. I then saw Andrea serving one on the winery deck. I didn't think much of the conversation until a few hours later when I was getting a few sunset shots and saw this family celebrating a birthday.

In order to better serve our guests, we made a change this summer to offer reservations at Crosswinds Grille (we do this in the non-summer season in order to get an idea what our volume will be). We really were not sure how it would go. Well, we are asking ourselves, Why did we not do it sooner? Now I am sure the fact that we more than doubled our outside seating capacity and Mother Nature has been VERY accommodating with wonderful weather this season has aided in the consistent volume.

What we have found is, the evenings go so much smoother and there is less chaos, which is a very good thing for our staff and of course our dining guests. Don't get me wrong, we still get the influx of visitors wanting to have dinner, however we have a much better idea of what we are expecting for the evening. Then there are the occasional no-shows, which for us is very infrequent. We have not yet had to take credit card numbers to hold reservations, thank goodness.

We do have the ability to send visitors to the winery, however their kitchen staff, in turn, gets bombarded with orders, which results in longer than we would like delays. Actually Andrea posted signage this weekend to alert guests that when there is an influx of guests/orders, there will be delays. As any of you know who have eaten here, everything we prepare is made to order. We would hope that our guests will be patient and just enjoy Mother Nature at her finest, while we are preparing their food. We have wonderful, dedicated staff who take great pride in their work and want our guests to enjoy their experiences while visiting us.

So what draws guests to The Lakehouse Inn? As I always say, Mother Nature is the foundation. We provide a very relaxing setting to take in all aspects of Nature: Lake Erie, the flower gardens, the wine Lance and Sam produce from local grapes, the food our staff diligently prepares and of course the daily Sunsets.

We have guests capture pictures of Mother Nature on a very regular basis. Have you captured a shot you would like to share.? Send it to us and we will post it for others to get a glimpse of what keeps bringing you back to Lake Erie.