Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Lakehouse Inn Gardens are Coming Back to Life from Their Long Winter Nap

Each day that passes, there are more plants emerging from their winter resting spot below the earth's surface. I really enjoy walking the grounds to see what is coming back to life. The Creeping Phlox are very vibrant, along with the emerging Astilbe and other perennials in the beds at the base of the trees along the parking lot.

The Primrose and Bleeding Heart are adding color along the walkway toward the Inn entrance.

Although the daffodils are starting to wither, the tulips are doing well, blowing in the wind along the Beach House walkway. There has been no evidence of deer having them for lunch (I have probably jinxed it now).
The shrubs closer to the lake, along the patios, are also starting to regain color.
Speaking of patios, those of you who have been with us over the years know we are always in the thick of projects. Spring, 2010 is no exception. We are replacing the walkway to the winery.
Pete (Haase Enterprises) and his crew are doing a fabulous job.
Our brides will be very pleased with the revisions to the upper landing leading to the Northeast patio.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Geneva State Park Marina Coming to Life

There is clear evidence of the beginning of the 2010 boating season. There are a few boats that have been launched recently at the Geneva Marina.Dredging at the entrance of the marina is in full swing to move the sand that has collected over the past year.
Here the tug is returning with the barge to load more sand and move it away from the entrance.
To the west of the marina, the marsh is also coming to life with water lily and wildlife. Canadian geese enjoy this serene, resting spot.

Each day brings us closer to the 2010 Summer Season.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yes, Virginia, We Really ARE Having a Lovely Spring in Northeast Ohio

The sun is shining bright, there is a chill in the air, however. Although our landscapers are busy cleaning up from Old Man Winter, there are plenty of guests enjoying the sunshine and calmness of Lake Erie from the patios.
It is really hard to believe, we had snow and howling wind just yesterday. I am sure these guests are grateful it was not today. They seem to be enjoying the great weather.
A glimpse at our tulips and emerging delphinium.
I just enjoy walking the grounds this time of year, seeing everything starting to sprout through the ground. Another month or so, the color will be plentiful, just in time for our weddings.
We are hosting Megan's Bridal Shower today. For those who were with us from the beginning, Megan and Andrea pretty much ran the show the Summer of 2000. After Megan left to attend grad school, her sister Kathy(left) helped us the following summer. Nora (right), their youngest sister helped us two years ago and may return this summer to assist with weddings.
Sometimes it is really hard to believe we have been here ten years next month. May 15th, to be exact.

Sam and Lance are busy getting wine ready to bottle, in preparation for the 2010 Summer season.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Lion Never Showed as March Left Lake Erie

Well I did not get any shots until after April actually arrived. However, we all know the March Lion did not show. We are having a wonderful welcome of warm weather and more plentiful sunshine than usual, very Lamb-like. No one can say we did not have a 2010 Spring Season.

This bird was singing away, perched in the budding tree (a sure sign of the very mild, almost too warm for this time of year days we have had recently). The tree is just outside the Beach House.I know we are ALL enjoying this wonderful weather, however the grape growers are very concerned. Buds on vines this early is NOT a good thing. There is way too much time left for frost and we always have at least one snow storm around the 15th of April.

Here are the same daffodils from earlier posts, in full bloom. What a beautiful sight!!!

We opened our patios on Friday and had ample guests enjoying the wonderful weather. I never got a chance to catch a shot of the people enjoying Lake Erie at Her finest. If you have enjoyed our patios, you can get the visual, I am sure.
Here is a wonderful sunset from Saturday evening.
We hosted a local family Brunch this Easter Sunday. The menu consisted of Quiche Lorraine, Orange-pecan Baked French Toast, Veggie Strata, bacon, sausage, fruit salad, lemon danish, blueberry muffins and raspberry cheese coffee cake.

The lake was awesome, flat and a gorgeous blue with again, magnificent sunshine. There was a chill in the air, however. If it was not for the chill, it would have been wonderful to have the group sit outside admiring Mother Nature at Her very best. There is ZERO evidence of ice, What a beautiful thing!!! The children were able to at least go down to the beach. I shot this video last evening, the sound we have been waiting for since the Lake froze...

Are we too confident that the weather will hold? Sam is taking the snowblower to storage.