Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Ice Remains on Lake Erie, Spring is in the Air

Although the winter ice remains, the temperatures this month have been mild overall. We have had what seems to be an abundance of sunshine (of course not on this Saturday morning).

The sun did appear as the day went on. Here we have guests who are very anxious for Spring to really arrive. It was pleasant enough to enjoy a glass of wine outside, as long as you layered appropriately. sunshine makes all the difference in the world.
The daffodils are working hard at growing.
Another ten days to go until we move into April. Will the wicked lion appear as March rolls away??

Friday, March 19, 2010

Nature Walk: Geneva State Park Walking Trail

Last night Sam and I took a walk along the Geneva State Park Trial and luckily I took my camera. As we approached the end of the trail we saw a group of doe enjoying the sunshine.

This was a shot of one of the doe who stopped in her tracks as the rest ran. I think she was just as interested in seeing us as we were of her. In the background are the State Park Cabins. Here are her friends we scared away, who stopped running once they got closer to the shore.

On our way back we caught a glimpse of this bird enjoying the sunshine.
Speaking of sunshine, here is a shot of the sun setting on our way back, as we were crossing the bridge over Cowles Creek.
Here is a shot of the sun setting with the "glacial" waters in the forefront.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mid-March on Lake Erie

Well, the lamb-type March weather really kicked in last week. Unfortunately, I was out of town and missed the highlights. The warmer temperatures did indeed start to open up the free-flowing water on the Lake. We are starting to look like Glacier Bay, Alaska.

Last Sunday Sam and I tried to walk the trails at the State Park, there was still too much snow to make it comfortable. We actually saw a fisherman on the ice within the marina. I thought he was crazy to take the chance. Of course if he returned this past weekend, there was open water, he would have gone for a swim for sure.

Speaking of swimming, we saw this pair enjoying the open water in the marsh to the west of the marina. along the trail yesterday afternoon. Another month or so and we will start seeing boats launching for the summer season (I can't wait).

We did have guests enjoying the mild temperatures outside. The snow is finally gone and there is easy access to the patios and beach.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March in Like a Lamb and Sure Signs of Spring...

I was able to catch this sunset Thursday evening. The setting sun is very close to the water; another week or two and we will have wonderful shots from the water.What a difference a week makes. These trees were full of snow last weekend.
Although the temperatures have been mild with plentiful sunshine since March came in like a lamb, it will take some very warm temps to make a dent in the tons of snow and ice on the water.
Here is s sure sign Spring is around the corner and we are on the downside of winter.
Daffodils emerging from the frozen ground, What a Wonderful sight!!!
The only down side of this wonderful weather is that March will leave us as a roaring lion. (Maybe Mother Nature will not follow-through this year, we can only hope.)