Sunday, May 9, 2010

Speaking of the Lakehouse Inn Winery Green Bench...

When we planned the new entrance to the winery, we wanted to extend seating capacity without infringing on the view. The only area we could use to accomplish this was on the bluff where the last, remaining green bench was located. The problem at hand was making sure Jack was not too put out with the change. You see, Jack is one of our favorite neighbors who really enjoys slipping over, incognito, to enjoy Mother Nature and of course The Lakehouse Inn Winery and our weekly entertainment. His favorite spot, the green bench.Well I think we are okay at this point. Jack has been over several times since we took out the bench. I actually got a shot of him the other day, enjoying a glass of Riesling.
I followed him home to catch a glimpse of the bench's new home...
....Jack's backyard.


  1. very very funny!!! nices poses!!!


  2. I just want my husband back! He's over at the Lakehouse Inn Winery ALL the time. I guess it's cause he loves the entertainment and the wine so much. I'll just have to walk over and join him!

  3. Now that you mention it, Jack HAS been here at the Lakehouse Inn Winery much more frequently than in years past. I guess he likes the new seating area we provided for him (or is it the Riesling??). We do enjoy both of your company!!!