Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yes, Virginia, We Really ARE Having a Lovely Spring in Northeast Ohio

The sun is shining bright, there is a chill in the air, however. Although our landscapers are busy cleaning up from Old Man Winter, there are plenty of guests enjoying the sunshine and calmness of Lake Erie from the patios.
It is really hard to believe, we had snow and howling wind just yesterday. I am sure these guests are grateful it was not today. They seem to be enjoying the great weather.
A glimpse at our tulips and emerging delphinium.
I just enjoy walking the grounds this time of year, seeing everything starting to sprout through the ground. Another month or so, the color will be plentiful, just in time for our weddings.
We are hosting Megan's Bridal Shower today. For those who were with us from the beginning, Megan and Andrea pretty much ran the show the Summer of 2000. After Megan left to attend grad school, her sister Kathy(left) helped us the following summer. Nora (right), their youngest sister helped us two years ago and may return this summer to assist with weddings.
Sometimes it is really hard to believe we have been here ten years next month. May 15th, to be exact.

Sam and Lance are busy getting wine ready to bottle, in preparation for the 2010 Summer season.

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