Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Lakehouse Inn Gardens are Coming Back to Life from Their Long Winter Nap

Each day that passes, there are more plants emerging from their winter resting spot below the earth's surface. I really enjoy walking the grounds to see what is coming back to life. The Creeping Phlox are very vibrant, along with the emerging Astilbe and other perennials in the beds at the base of the trees along the parking lot.

The Primrose and Bleeding Heart are adding color along the walkway toward the Inn entrance.

Although the daffodils are starting to wither, the tulips are doing well, blowing in the wind along the Beach House walkway. There has been no evidence of deer having them for lunch (I have probably jinxed it now).
The shrubs closer to the lake, along the patios, are also starting to regain color.
Speaking of patios, those of you who have been with us over the years know we are always in the thick of projects. Spring, 2010 is no exception. We are replacing the walkway to the winery.
Pete (Haase Enterprises) and his crew are doing a fabulous job.
Our brides will be very pleased with the revisions to the upper landing leading to the Northeast patio.

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