Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Beauty of Mother Nature, Again...

We woke up to rain again this morning, however the sun started to peek out and Mother Nature performed Her magic once again in our backyard. We got an extra treat, a double rainbow.

The weather is supposed to clear this week, we sure hope so. The soggy weather and lack of sun is Not good for the grapes.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Grape Harvest has begun-so has the influx of newbies to the wineries

Today was a great Fall day: Some sun; A little drizzle now and then; a south breeze and a steady crowd of wine tasters. We started our Fall hours this week, however the public had other thoughts. We were to open at 1pm, however there was a steady crowd starting at 12:10pm (it was a good thing out trusty staff arrived early).

Lots of tasting trays, what the newbies don't realize is this time of year, the wine supply has dwindled immensely so they don't really get the full "flavor" of our winemakers labor.

With the drizzle, came a brilliant colored rainbow in the early evening:and of course the sunset...
You can tell from the above wave action, it was a breezy evening. It did not keep our guests from enjoying the sunset sitting on the winery deck, however.This just may be the last sunset from the water I catch for the 2009 season. The forecast the next few days does not look promising and by next weekend it will set on land for sure.