Saturday, September 26, 2009

September: Thunder-Clambake-Grape Jamboree

Where in the world did September go? It has been pretty much a blur, so to speak. I sure have not taken many pictures and the only sunset so far is this one Lance captured last week.

The weekend following Labor Day was Thunder on the Strip. This was the third year for the event and Mother Nature clearly cooperated with plenty of sun and zero rain. Unfortunately I never got a shot of the MANY bikes riding by because since there was no rain the flowers needed plenty of food and water. Here is the link to pictures from Thunder's website.

The following week was our Annual Clambake. Great participation! The Sun was brilliant, however the breeze from the North was very brisk. Here are a few shots Lance took.

Nathan and Dave do a final grill of the chicken, while the clams and veggies finish in the steamers.
Larry Kadlub entertained our guests from the porch. As you can see the Sun was bright, however the breeze was chilling.

A shot from the lawn of our guests enjoying the Sun and trying to protect themselves from the wind.

This weekend is Geneva's Annual Grape Jamboree. The morning started very promising, however the clouds have kicked in. The radar shows plenty of rain South of us. the forecast is very wet. Not a good thing for an outside event, expecting thousands of people, parades and lots of festivities....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Picture Perfect Holiday Weekend

The Labor Day holiday weekend weather has been just spectacular so far. Plenty of boat traffic, what a difference from last weekend.

Yesterday was the Markko Cup Regatta, here are a few boats I was able to get in one shot.
I caught this glimpse of a Heron and gulls co-mingling at Dawn a few days ago. Looks like they were having a breakfast chat on the rocks.