Sunday, August 30, 2009

Diving for the Pot of Gold, Anyone??

What a spectacular site this morning...The end of the rainbow was actually in the water at our beach. As you can see, the umbrellas were on their sides on the winery deck, as a preventative measure from the wind that kicked up just before sunset last evening.

Here is a broader view. The sky clearly has the feeling of Fall rather than summer.

Here are a few shots I took Wednesday evening just before sunset.
I finally got a glimpse at one of the frequent low-flying planes.

Last Sunday the winds were brisk enough for this vessel to leave it's dock at the marina and enjoy a sail.
Speaking of brisk winds, today is a VERY breezy day at the Lake, a little chilly too, 59 degrees.
There is a weather advisory:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mother Nature's Havoc, Again

I am sure everyone experienced Mother Nature Thursday Evening (8-20-09). The Lakehouse was no exception. The majority of the stormy weather stayed North of us, over the lake. Plenty of lightning strikes and of course due to the strikes and the wind south of us, we lost power for about an hour @ 7pm. The Lakehouse crew did a fab job of keeping an even keel to the evening, especially since Crosswinds Grille was open and we hosted a rehearsal dinner for 25 during the outage. This shot of the rainbow on the water was taken during the outage, which had somewhat of a calming affect.Although our guests were in awe of the earlier storms, the sunset was just gorgeous as a grand finale to the evening events. It almost made us all forget the "trauma" from the previous hours.

As you can see, the tables were still down on their sides on the winery deck from the staff prep for the storm. Actually the winds on property were not bad at all.

Well today (8-22-09) is the Ashtabula Wine and Walleye Festival. Lance and his fishing crew were on the water before 6:15am to drop their first line in the tournament.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Days are Just Flying by....

I cannot believe it is the 19th of August already. Some of the schools are back in session; most of ours go back next week. Life has been SO very busy, to say the least. There are a few moments in time that we have been able to kick back and enjoy the pleasure of living on the shore of Lake Erie. Last Tuesday was one of them. I was watering flowers and saw this Heron just standing on the beach of our neighbors, Sturgeon Point. He just stood there taking in the beauty of the water. I almost thought he was deaf because he was not spooked by a couple who were sitting on the rocks just to the west. He did finally take a quick jaunt to the rocks on the water, however, he stayed for quite some time, letting the light breeze cool him off. I did get some footage of his visit.....

It was a splendid evening indeed. Guests were relaxing and enjoying Mother Nature. Here is a Beach House guest....
...and a guest on the beach...
...and of course a shot of the sunset that evening.
We have a very busy weekend in store for all of us. In addition to life at the Lakehouse, we are participating in the Wine and Walleye Festival in Ashtabula. In addition to having a wine tasting booth, Lance is also going to participate in the fishing tournament.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Water Spout Anyone???

Sam captured this Friday morning after seeing two previously. The clouds got in the way, however if you look close at the surface of the water you can see the swirl.

Mother Nature has been in rare form the past few weeks.

Two weeks prior, around the same time of the morning, lightning struck the property, splitting the middle tree in two.

Thank goodness it fell East rather than West. We actually lost 2 trees from the strike.

Here is a shot of the almost full moon, a week ago Sunday, at Sunset....

...And the simultaneous sunset.

A couple feeling a little chill in the air the same evening, red wine and a blanket did the trick.

No one was looking for a blanket last evening, a week later, on the contrary, a jaunt down the slip and slide would have been in order.