Friday, May 29, 2009

New Bike/Walking Trail at Geneva State Park

Well I can tell you I am SO excited with the renovation of the Orange Trail at Geneva State Park. Not only is it larger, it will be paved by the end of June, 2009.
As you can see above, the left is the new trail which is much wider than the old trail to the right. This is the entrance from Rt 534, just down the street from us. As you follow the trail to the marina parking lot, the trail veers left and is parallel to the driveway.The white pole to the left (above) is the Blue Trail and straight ahead is the Orange Trail that runs parallel to the road and just north of Crabapple Picnic Area.The trail then leads to the road at the boat launch entrance and crosses to the west bank of the marina entrance.
From here, it continues west, over the marsh and alongside Breakwater Beach.
The Trail ends parallel with Rt. 531 across from the campground and at the cabins.
It is so wonderful to see the progress of the State Park facilities. The funding for this trail project came from a Clean Ohio Trail Grant, a community development block grant and monies from the Ashtabula County Convention Facilities Authority (our Bed Tax dollars at work).

Here is a short clip from my first jaunt...

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Breezy Memorial Day at the Lake

The sun is shining bright, however it is a little brisk, around 57 degrees with the waves crashing. Not much boat traffic this morning. The fishermen are not up to the challenge. The word is they really are not catching much.

I spent some time planting flowers yesterday along the walkway and placed the hanging baskets at the various entrances of the property. It is starting to become more colorful.

I decided to add some new flowers this year. The most unique so far (so many visitors stopped to look and asked what it was) is Lupine. I am going to experiment with a few and see how they do with the weather.
I noticed the other day that there are columbine growing in the rocks below the patios. The seeds must have blown over the hill last year. It is a great sight.
The landscaping is filling in very nicely. There is increasing color each day.

Well we had a VERY busy weekend. Lots of visitors to the winery and grille. It definitely was a great start to the 2009 summer season. Speaking of, this is actually our 10th summer season. It is hard to believe sometimes.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sunrise on the Water-Summer Just Around the Corner

Well, one sure sign of summer is the view of the sunrise on the water from our beach.

You can see from the shore there are still trees without leaves. The wind is from the south this morning and the water is very still.

I took a walk to the state park this morning and saw plenty of Canadian Geese. There was a Heron who was very camera shy-he flew away both times I tried to catch him.

I did notice the park crew have been working on enlarging and grading the walking path.

Here is a shot of last night's sunset.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jack Frost Visited the Lake

The Weather Advisory was absolutely correct...

We definitely got hit by frost this morning. The temp at 6:30 was 32. There was a light frost on the day lilies.There was abundent steam rising off the water...

The brilliant sun is raising the air temp rapidly, however.

I bought flowers for the pots Saturday morning. When I got home the rain started. I never got them planted. Sunday the frost advisory was posted. I got cold feet related to planting. Of course Sam and others said we would not get hit with frost, the advisory was for inland.

I had an inner feeling I better wait, Thank goodness I did. So now I am off to plant. The temp is 50 degrees already, a south wind, bright sunny skies and no evidence of Jack Frost.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend at GOTL

Well, here we are, on the cusp of the 2009 Summer Season at Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio.
Spring is clearly in full bloom. Each day there is more green popping and filling in.

As I sit here writing, fog is rolling in on off the Lake. Luckily the sun is very bright and is burning it off as quickly as it is reaching land. Mother Nature is SO facinating to say the least!!

This is a shot I took before the fog rolled in; the dew is hugging the petals of the tulips.

The Bleeding Heart at the entrance of the walkway to the Inn is in full bloom.

Sam and Pete fixed the halyard to the flag pole this week. We have been without the flag since one of the brutal storms of the lake that literally ripped the halyard from the pole. What a scary site it was...
It is wonderful to see the trees filling in with leaves. The grass is very green and has been mowed a few times. The patios are very inviting. Actually last weekend ended up much nicer that the forecast lead us to believe. Our guests were able to soak up the sun in between the wind shifts. There was plenty of sun, however.
So think about a jaunt to Geneva-on-the-Lake this weekend and join in the family tradition of starting "Summer" a little early with Mom. Eddie's Grill will be open Saturday and Sunday. Sundae's at the Lake will open Friday afternoon. The area merchants are hosting the Mother's Day Gift Romp on Sunday. Crosswinds Grille and the Lakehouse Inn & Winery will be participating in the event.