Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Annual Girl's Weekend, A Christmas Spectacular

Each year, the Lakehouse Inn welcomes the Christmas Holiday Season with our Annual Girl's Weekend."Gingerbread" house construction have become a tradition!! The ladies really outdo themselves from one year to the next. I think they look for items to put on their houses all year long.

This year was no exception...
From a Charlie Brown a reminder of summer.

There were a few Churches and use of electronics.

We even had a tribute to long-time summer guests who have grown up with us and are graduating seniors.Here is a glimpse or two of the ladies at work. Although the newbies didn't really have a clue what they were in for, they were real troopers.
Here they are "chilling" later in the day. From full body to chair massages, plenty of wine and relaxation. According to the ladies, Mindy, our massage therapist, did a fabulous job.
Here the ladies are collecting boxes of goodies they created during the course of the day.
Old Man Winter did pay us a visit with our first coating of snow during the afternoon. Stacie decided there was enough to build a snowman.
We put one of Sam's caps on his head to keep him "warm".

This was our 9th Christmas Spectacular and by the 100% re-booking for 2010, Andrea and her team did a fine job with planning this fun-filled weekend. Relaxation, crafting, eating, drinking, socializing and just plain shutting out the external world for 2 days.

We look forward to a special 10th year event in 2010. Get your creative juices going Andrea.

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