Saturday, November 7, 2009

What a Difference a Week Makes....

Well, last week I wrote about the season changing. Here is another vivid visual of Mother Nature at work.

I took the above shot last Saturday and the one below of the same Red Maple, just an hour ago.

The week was very chilly and much frost in the early mornings. I was able to get a shot of the moon setting over the Lake, early Wednesday morning.

And a peak at the sunrise from the East at the same time.Lance is busy pressing a small batch of Pinot Nior (actually I got him cleaning up). A perfect day to be working outside.

Here, he is telling me about the Novello, he and Sam are working on.
The winery is clearly attracting visitors who want to sit outside this afternoon. we are less than 30 minutes into the "day' for Alex and Jordan, and Jordan is thinking, "Are we sure it is November?" he is busy making Pizza and Panini's. The temp is up to 68 degrees and our guests are definitely enjoying the weather.


  1. Thanks for a wonderful dining experience this past weekend....The scallops special is the best!

  2. Thanks Cinder. Nate and Dave surely grill some awesome scallops. I love them myself.