Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mid November, Really???

Today was another gorgeous day. Here are a few shots of our guests enjoying the Wonderful weather. Shorts and a T-shirt (with a sweatshirt close by) were clearly the attire for the afternoon.
I think the above couple were calling friends to join them or just making the person on the other end jealous that could not be at the Lake today.
What a great opportunity to soak up some vitamin D and catch up on some reading. The tranquil Lake looks very soothing. Looks like the wine of the day was Riesling.
Flowers are still hanging in there along the walkways of the Inn and Beach House. I try to keep them watered. It is a little bit of a challenge since Sam winterized all the water lines except one, several weeks ago.

Sam and I were able to walk before work on Tuesday. What a spectacular sunrise we saw. This shot was from the walkway to the Marina entrance starboard light. There were definitely a number of fisherman out trying to load up their freezers for the winter (sorry, didn't get a shot).
The brilliant Sun popping through the bare trees on our way back to the Inn along the walkway of the Park.

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