Monday, August 10, 2009

A Water Spout Anyone???

Sam captured this Friday morning after seeing two previously. The clouds got in the way, however if you look close at the surface of the water you can see the swirl.

Mother Nature has been in rare form the past few weeks.

Two weeks prior, around the same time of the morning, lightning struck the property, splitting the middle tree in two.

Thank goodness it fell East rather than West. We actually lost 2 trees from the strike.

Here is a shot of the almost full moon, a week ago Sunday, at Sunset....

...And the simultaneous sunset.

A couple feeling a little chill in the air the same evening, red wine and a blanket did the trick.

No one was looking for a blanket last evening, a week later, on the contrary, a jaunt down the slip and slide would have been in order.

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