Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mother Nature's Havoc, Again

I am sure everyone experienced Mother Nature Thursday Evening (8-20-09). The Lakehouse was no exception. The majority of the stormy weather stayed North of us, over the lake. Plenty of lightning strikes and of course due to the strikes and the wind south of us, we lost power for about an hour @ 7pm. The Lakehouse crew did a fab job of keeping an even keel to the evening, especially since Crosswinds Grille was open and we hosted a rehearsal dinner for 25 during the outage. This shot of the rainbow on the water was taken during the outage, which had somewhat of a calming affect.Although our guests were in awe of the earlier storms, the sunset was just gorgeous as a grand finale to the evening events. It almost made us all forget the "trauma" from the previous hours.

As you can see, the tables were still down on their sides on the winery deck from the staff prep for the storm. Actually the winds on property were not bad at all.

Well today (8-22-09) is the Ashtabula Wine and Walleye Festival. Lance and his fishing crew were on the water before 6:15am to drop their first line in the tournament.

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