Sunday, June 7, 2009

Okay, the Midges have been here TOO Long....

I refused to write about them last week, hoping they would go away.

No such luck! They have proliferated beyond belief. The good thing is we have found that running fans and spraying OFF keeps them away from the patios. We have been very fortunate that our guests have been able to eat outside at the Grille and they have not been bothered too much on the Winery patio.

Of course our first wedding was yesterday. Overall the tactics we took were very effective. The only modification we had to make was to serve the food inside; however the guests were able to eat outside without issue.

Now for a better view of the lake:

If you really want to know more about the pesky bugs here is what the Plain Dealer wrote about last week. Is a Midge the same as a Mufflehead? We always thought they were, however if so, read this contradiction. When I showed Sam the articles, his response "Well that means no one really knows what causes the infestation?"


  1. I love your photos Karen! (Not of the midges of course.)

    Having just moved to the lake front, I was hoping you could shed some light on these bugs. I've already read about the different species, and what they tell us about the current lake condition.

    What I'd like to know is, do they ever go away during the summer? Will there ever be a bright, hot, sunny day without these guys?

    I've been told they come for 10 days and then they're gone until late summer, but they left two days ago when the rain came in (Wednesday) and now they're back in full force (Friday)! In past years, what have you noticed about their summer routine around the lake-front?

    Thank you!

    - new to ohio

  2. Hi New to Ohio,
    Yes, the bugs will go away. Actually they are getting very lazy (except at dusk, when they are still swarming in the sky like large black smoke clouds). They should be pretty much gone within the week. There will be the stragglers, but not the annoyance they have been. Living on the lakefront is so wonderful, the bugs are just Mother Nature's way of saying we still are on Earth, not in Paradise yet.
    Thanks for the positive feedback regarding my pics, I do appeciate it.

  3. I live in Bay Village. I can't even put my baby in the car without them getting all over the carseat and both of us. Yesterday was a nightmare and I was crying because I just can't take them anymore. I would rather stay in my house then even try to go outside and have themn all over my face! I live a block away from the beach. I hope and pray that you are right and they will be gone within a week. That is the best thing I have heard of in awhile and really needed to hear that!

  4. Nothing to do with bugs -- we own a boat and are docked west of Cleveland, so we're not likely to visit, but I just had to tell you that you have the BEST website for any B&B, resort, or other "get-away" place I have ever seen. You and your webmaster should win awards!