Monday, May 25, 2009

A Breezy Memorial Day at the Lake

The sun is shining bright, however it is a little brisk, around 57 degrees with the waves crashing. Not much boat traffic this morning. The fishermen are not up to the challenge. The word is they really are not catching much.

I spent some time planting flowers yesterday along the walkway and placed the hanging baskets at the various entrances of the property. It is starting to become more colorful.

I decided to add some new flowers this year. The most unique so far (so many visitors stopped to look and asked what it was) is Lupine. I am going to experiment with a few and see how they do with the weather.
I noticed the other day that there are columbine growing in the rocks below the patios. The seeds must have blown over the hill last year. It is a great sight.
The landscaping is filling in very nicely. There is increasing color each day.

Well we had a VERY busy weekend. Lots of visitors to the winery and grille. It definitely was a great start to the 2009 summer season. Speaking of, this is actually our 10th summer season. It is hard to believe sometimes.

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  1. It is a true joy and blessing to be living on the waterfront. What a blessing. It is well documented that living on or near the water will calm and rejuvenate even the most stressed out people. Congrats on a great choice for place to live and not just visit.