Thursday, April 9, 2009

We escaped the 8 inches they called for.....

Thank goodness the meteorologists miscalculated the snowfall predictions this past week. We got a little dusting here on the lake. As you can see the Primrose are starting to bloom, which is a wonderful sign!!!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Season and are enjoying the children being on break from school. Before you know it, they will be out for the summer and wanting to come the the lake for a swim.
Although we have not seen ice in about 6 weeks, it is still pretty chilly. I found this website that tracks the water temp. of the Great Lakes. We are at 40 degrees F at the moment.
The lake is gorgeous this morning with calm winds from the south. This shot was taken @7:30am. We should have a great sunset this evening.
Sunrises are not yet rising from the water. The sunsets have been on the water for about a month now.

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