Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Week: How we are changing what we do

I can tell you we at the Lakehouse Inn & Winery realized early last summer we needed to change the way we disposed of our bottles. We had a customer who wanted used wine bottles for a project they were working on. So we saved bottles rather than throwing them in the trash. It was a huge reality check for me. The pile we accumulated in such a short period of time was actually appalling. I went to the family and said we really need to start recycling (Our excuse was our trash-hauler did not pick up recyclables and how would we logistically do it). I went to the local hardware store, purchased containers, posted a sign for staff regarding what was recyclable and we went live with the change.
I have to say our staff has done a very good job with the project and it really did not take very long to get everyone on board. The downside is the logistics of collecting and more of a challenge, taking the recyclables to the recycle center (hoping the bins at the center were not too full once we got there). It was not much of an issue during the good weather. When the season moved closer to winter with snow and ice that was where we were challenged (in addition the GOTL center closed at the end of the year). I have to say we were tempted to throw in the towel, however our (my) conscience would not allow it.

We are going to take our efforts to the next level and encourage our guests to dispose of their trash accordingly. It is amazing how much we recycle. The next venture we will pursue is composting. I have found a spot to put a replacement garden (my garden was the victim of the need for more parking a few years ago).

Check out the article in Cleveland Magazine regarding the straw bale house built by Dr. Gus Kious and his wife Jan (of course it was her idea). This couple is such an inspiration!!!

Dr. Kious has instilled his values in every aspect of his life. Huron Hospital has become the leader in Go Green for our organization.
How have you changed what you do?

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